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Asthma/Respiratory Distress

Asthma is a diagnosis made in people who repeatedly have shortness of breath, coughing and/or wheezing in response to specific triggers. Some common triggers are allergens, upper respiratory infections, exercise, and allergic rhinitis. A single episode of wheezing or difficulty breathing may or may not be asthma and each child experiencing these symptoms needs to be evaluated by a physician. If your child has been diagnosed with asthma you should have a plan from your child’s doctor as to what to do during an attack.

Most children with asthma have an inhaler or nebulizer machine to deliver medicine such as albuterol or Xopenex when that child is wheezing or coughing. These medications are to be used as a rescue medicine when your child is having an asthma attack. Please refer to your child’s prescription for further dosing and instructions. Some children may have an inhaled or nebulized steroid such as Pulmicort or Flovent to take on a daily basis to help control their symptoms. An inhaled steroid is to be taken every day, not when your child is having an attack. The need for asthma medication should be reviewed with your child’s doctor on a regular basis.

School aged children should have an inhaler at school if their symptoms occur on a regular basis and require medication dosing during school hours. Most school’s need a medication instruction form completed by your child’s doctor in order to administer asthma medications.

If your child is currently experiencing symptoms of asthma such as cough or wheezing please call the office at (318) 212-3900 to discuss your child’s symptoms. If your child is currently experiencing difficulty breathing and needs emergency assistance please call 911 or take the child to the closest emergency room.


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